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Reach New Clients With Spa Events

By: Elaine Sauer
Posted: November 29, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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It is also critical to have enough flexibility in your calendar to move events if the need arises. Some owners, such as Kate Leydon, president and founder of Ruby Room in Chicago, plans events on a quarterly basis, allowing her the option of going with what is popular or what needs to be promoted in the moment.

Just do it

As with anything, experience counts. Once you have a few events under your belt, it becomes easier to conduct them successfully. Each is an opportunity to learn as a team what works and what can be tweaked for maximum results.

Events provide so many options to clients, and allow spa professionals to educate and engage their clients while creating opportunities for them to experience services that they may not normally have experienced. In order to set up an event for success, many factors should considered. Julia Watt, director of salons for Dillard’s department stores, recommends allowing each event to be customized, partnering with local retailers to help leverage clients between the businesses, and increase traffic and exposure to new opportunities.

Successful event models require some key information to be conveyed to the team. Watt’s formula for success always includes the following questions.

  • Why is this event important for the clients and the spa team?
  • What are the goals that need to be accomplished?
  • How should each team member participate, including practice time for spa professionals?
  • What are the results that deserve celebration?

Watt emphasizes the importance of celebrating successful events and making them fun for the spa team. Leydon also finds that staff involvement is critical to client attendance. A spa professional’s enthusiasm about an event and encouragement toward regular clients to bring in a friend introduces the spa to a new potential client who is already connected through a raving fan. And because team members participate in the actual events, it provides an opportunity for them to meet potential clients and grow their business.