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Reach New Clients With Spa Events

Elaine Sauer December 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
glasses of wine at a spa event

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The spa industry currently is facing quite an unusual business climate, so there’s no time like the present to figure out how to drive more traffic through the doors.

Waning traffic is a huge challenge for spas today, whether clients are scheduling their appointments farther apart or just eliminating some maintenance services. In fact, two highlights from a recent survey from market research and quality benchmarking firm Coyle Hospitality indicate that clients are most likely to first give up body and nail treatment options when cutting out services. It is so important to create traffic-driving opportunities by hosting events, much like when you first started your business and all you wanted to do was show your talent to any willing person. It’s crucial to create opportunities to touch clients as often as possible.


Following are five different types of events that your spa can host in order to provide interesting opportunities to welcome new and existing clients.

  1. Launching a new service or product. Any new initiatives that can excite clients and encourage them to learn more about a service and how it can impact them will be successful. This can be new peels or even a new piece of machinery in which you have invested and need to promote for future service options. Schedule a meeting with your spa partners, distributors and brand account executives in order to align any of their marketing pushes with your spa’s marketing and training calendars. This allows you to plan your business and create exciting launches, providing newness not only for your clients, but also for your staff members by engaging them, keeping them trained and helping them excel in their careers. Because manufacturers occasionally have delays with product launches, it’s important to regularly communicate with your brand account executives so that any stalls are known about well in advance, allowing time to adjust event calendars accordingly.
  2. Bring your own bag (BYOB). Encourage clients to bring in the skin care products they are currently using to see if there are any that may not be working for their skin. Perhaps they are missing a step that will lead to the results they are seeking. Also important for this workshop is to watch clients cleanse their faces; use this opportunity to coach them on proper cleansing techniques, such as starting with eye makeup remover, then lips, then cleansing the face and neck area. Ensure they use a toner on a cotton pad to help remove all the cleanser and debris that is often still on the skin. If their skin care regimen is missing a product, offer them the chance to try a sample of yours while going through the workshop and introduce other ways to use products. Scrubs can also be effective for hands, elbows, knees, feet and the backs of arms with keratosis pilaris. Use this opportunity to educate your clients about multifunctional products to help them see the value in their investment.
  3. Handbag reading. Can you really tell a lot about a woman by seeing the cosmetics she carries? Another way to promote this event is to simply ask clients to bring in their makeup bags in order to see what products they are able to work with and which ones may no longer be serving them. This also allows clients to integrate some new options that will give their faces fresh perspectives and keep them current with each season’s trends, and is a great event to hold biannually.
  4. Couples or baby massage. If you have specialized training in infant massage or couples massage, plan an event to introduce the benefits to new parents or married couples. Consider adding a training session that teaches ways to apply these massage techniques to a package for a new mom, or maybe a bridal shower gift certificate. Although this will never take the place of a professional massage, it assists in bringing awareness to massage and creating a bond.
  5. Custom blend events. Whether you offer custom blend makeup, spa services, skin care, aromatherapy or all of the above, this is a great way to introduce personalized services that are unique to each individual client’s needs.

Planning for the year

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Tips for Successful Events

  • Allocate plenty of time for planning.
  • Ensure you have ordered the food and have stocked spa product inventories to accommodate extra sales.
  • Designate the right team members to the right jobs.
  • Create courageous, yet realistic goals.
  • Communicate often, and update as needed.
  • Ensure team members know their roles.
  • Factor in fun.
  • Advertise; cover all your bases, including in-spa signage, personal invitations, e-mail blasts and Facebook posts.
  • Reward your team members with free products or other incentives that are important to them.
  • Create an opening ritual or ceremony and closing ritual to thank all attendees.
  • Allow clients to offer and share their stories because the best information is exchanged, not told.
  • Send thank-you notes as soon as possible after the event; an attitude of gratitude goes a long way.

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