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How Social Media Can Help Your Spa

By: Rachel L. Johnson and Ada S. Polla
Posted: September 24, 2010, from the October 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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One of the many fun Twitter traditions is the “#FF,” which means “Follow Friday.” Every Friday, choose friends, clients and helpful industry contacts to highlight to your followers. For example, you can do a Follow Friday to some of your favorite clients who are on Twitter. Your tweet could read: “#FF some of my favorite @YOURSPA clients:” and then list their links. In general, Twitter communication is lighter, more frequent, and more personal than Facebook communication. A brand should tweet at least 8–10 times per day, including retweets.

So what?

Although it is challenging to tie direct sales increases to social media, you can track the results of your social media outreach. Several websites, such as Google Analytics, provide graphs, charts, percentages and patterns for all your social media platforms, including the number of hits to your corporate website generated due to your Facebook page. Facebook also sends out a weekly e-mail with your fan page statistics, called “Your Weekly Facebook Page Update,” which details your likes, wall posts, comments and page views.

Next steps

Embrace social media and keep in mind the following:

  • Exploring is essential;
  • Assemble a fan and follower base; and
  • Initiate meaningful content and conversations.

Remember to put your Facebook URL (Example:, and Twitter address (Example: on your website, your business card and your e-mail signature. And when you’ve mastered Facebook and Twitter, explore YouTube, Foursquare and all of the new social media outlets as they launch. Social media won’t replace your other marketing efforts, but will support them and help your brand build priceless loyalty in the process.