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How Social Media Can Help Your Spa

By: Rachel L. Johnson and Ada S. Polla
Posted: September 24, 2010, from the October 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Ideally you want your fan base to consist of clients, consumers, industry experts, colleagues and loyal friends of the brand. You want people who will help promote your company and eventually spread the word to their Facebook friends.


The best way to understand Twitter is to just do it! Create an account and begin investigating how others are effectively promoting their brands. Remember, the number of followers does not necessarily mean a brand is employing a successful Twitter strategy.

You may have 2,000 followers, but only two people who actually view your tweets. The idea is to attain loyal and active followers, and not to just add each person that follows you. Two helpful applications called Tweetdeck and Hootsuite enable you to track followers, mentions and direct messages on one display panel.

The next step is to develop communication with your followers. Your tweets should have meaningful content. Be cognizant of ways to grab and entice your reader’s attention. A great way to gain their attention is to post an image via Twitpic, follow up with a caption and include a relevant company or friend who is also on Twitter. For example, you could upload an image of a special event in your spa that involves a marketing partner, such as the fitness center down the road.

The trending topics symbol is # next to the topic you would like to start a buzz about, and it could appear on the Twitter home page as a trending topic. Another way to build communication as you are getting started is to “retweet” the tweets of some of your followers that you find particularly interesting and relevant. That will also build goodwill with the person whose content you are retweeting, and encourage them to do the same with your tweets.