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Lotus Wei Launches "Flower Power" iPhone/iPad App

Posted: April 1, 2013
Lotus Wei "Flower Power" iPhone/iPad App

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“Special message are like fortune cookies without the cookie,” says Hess. “Miraculously, people pick exactly the ones that mean something to them. Each time you touch the button Special Message on the home page, you receive a message.”

Lotus Wei’s spa partners are using the app as a tool to determine what spa treatment a client needs most. “We are in the process of integrating the Lotus Wei App into our spa treatment protocols,” says Michelle Kelthy, Spa Director of the Ritz-Carlton Naples. “We are always looking for tools that innovate and personalize the spa experience. The App allows our clients to choose a custom blend based on their needs. The use of flower essences is an upcoming spa industry trend. The energetic healing properties of flower remedies work on a vibrational level and continue to transform our guests long after they leave the spa.”

To download the free Lotus Wei app, Visit iTunes or the Apple Store.

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