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Profit From a Performance-based Pay Structure

By: Denise Dubois
Posted: November 29, 2012, from the December 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
performance-based spa pay structure

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A performance-based pay structured program benefits the service provider as well as your business. When all of the goals are reached during a pre-determined period of time, the service provider is rewarded with a pay increase and a continued career path as a new set of goals and incentives is established for the next level. The skin care facility is rewarded with satisfied service providers and a support staff that is sharing the responsibility for the growth and well-being of the business.

There is likely to be a lot of excitement and motivation from team members, knowing their earning potential is really held in their own hands. Employees naturally perform better with incentives. The harder they work, the more they can earn—it’s a win-win situation. As a result, your skin care facility will be able to grow with the transition and continue to do so over time.

Denise Dubois is owner and president of Complexions Spa in Albany, NY. She has been a working licensed esthetician for more than 28 years and a spa owner for the past 25 years.