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The Main Event

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: December 31, 2009, from the January 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Living Eleven Las Vegas

The Eleven Spa Las Vegas location evokes Old-Hollywood glamour in a state-of-the-art event space.

Whether you host parties or simply attend them, you know that there are key elements that can make or break the experience, including the music, food and guests. One of the most essential components to a great party, however, is the vibe—the feel of the party, the atmosphere. Without the right space, a party can fall flat and become downright uncomfortable.

Spas by nature are comfortable, nurturing spaces that are welcoming to their specific clientele, and often provide the perfect atmosphere for events ranging from bridal showers and birthday parties to corporate meetings and fundraisers. In order to open the doors to these types of events, however, a spa needs to have a space that can accommodate groups of people in a comfortable and harmonious way. But this doesn’t mean that only resort spas can cash in on this additional revenue stream—both small and large day spas can find ways to multitask their existing space or build on specifically to host events within the spa itself.

Don’t forget to check with your city’s building and fire codes and ensure that you learn about what is legally required of you before beginning the project. However, with planning and forethought, your building may be able to provide some relief for your stretched spa services revenue in the form of events.

Small to mid-sized spa spaces

Smaller spas can often capitalize on their size by providing cozy areas for smaller events that benefit from intimate spaces and familiar environs.

Flic Spa, Bloomfield, New Jersey. At Flic Spa, a boutique spa with an Asian-inspired ambiance in Bloomfield, New Jersey, the decision to save space for an event area during the building process wasn’t an easy one to make. “It was a terrible fight between us and the architect when we built the spa in 2007,” explains Lerrick Santos, Flic’s co-owner. “If you go into a spa in our area, space is at a premium, and for us to take 25% of the spa’s 1,500 square feet, it was a big gamble.” But both Santos and co-owner Oliver Dimaya entered the spa industry with event planning backgrounds, giving credence to the idea of adding a gathering area. “Rather than doing a treatment room, we opted to keep it as a flexible area for spa parties and receptions. Most of the time, it’s a birthday or a bridal party,” explains Santos.