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The Financial Abundance Factor

By: Jamie Scalise
Posted: June 29, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Abundance, in simple terms, means more of something, and the beauty here is that you get to fill in the blank.

Whether it’s more love, more joy, more clients, more happiness, more money, better relationships or a bounty of peace, it’s all good. Of course, most of the abundance referred to here is financial abundance, being that the intention is to provide a blueprint for generating more income and profits, but as you’ll hopefully understand, financial abundance is just a piece of the whole pie.

On the highest level, you should become enabled to improve the results, experience and lives of the clients you serve. Your ability to open up abundance to clients in the form of inner peace, improved skin condition and love through compassion, understanding and acceptance of them as people is what’s truly important.

For a quick synopsis of the Power of Three Method sales technique, check out the Power of Three Method sidebar. However, to fully understand all the method’s intricacies, log on to to download the full chapter for free.

Marketable mind-set

If you experience a negative reaction to offering clients three treatment choices to choose from using the Power of Three Method, consider where you are currently positioned on the scarcity or sufficiency continuum.