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The Financial Abundance Factor

Jamie Scalise July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
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Abundance, in simple terms, means more of something, and the beauty here is that you get to fill in the blank.

Whether it’s more love, more joy, more clients, more happiness, more money, better relationships or a bounty of peace, it’s all good. Of course, most of the abundance referred to here is financial abundance, being that the intention is to provide a blueprint for generating more income and profits, but as you’ll hopefully understand, financial abundance is just a piece of the whole pie.

On the highest level, you should become enabled to improve the results, experience and lives of the clients you serve. Your ability to open up abundance to clients in the form of inner peace, improved skin condition and love through compassion, understanding and acceptance of them as people is what’s truly important.

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The Power of Three Method

The Power of Three Method is like a glass of fine wine—simple and elegant after the first taste, but revealing a rich depth blended in subtle undertones with subsequent sips.

In its simplest form, the Power of Three Method has spa staff members asking clients a few questions very early on in each facial service offered. First is what is called the basic qualifying question. Compare it using a car wash analogy, phrasing the question to the client like this: “Pretend you have a menu of three facial treatments, and all it said was to please pick one of the following for your skin today—No. 1: Good, No. 2: Better, or No. 3: Best. All you know is that, as you go up in the choices, two things happen—you invest more and you get better results. So, which would you choose: good, better or best?”

You need to patiently wait for your clients’ answers, and if they hesitate too much, you can assure them that along the way you will be explaining much more about the differences between the service choices. What you are really looking for however, is their initial response or gut reaction. This can be uncomfortable for some clients, but it will tell you straight up about their expectations.

If they are still balking at an answer, you can also assure them the initial choice will not necessarily be their final choice, as you have more to educate them about in regard to the different services. From here, you differentiate between the three choices using personal benefits to describe how the treatments get better as you go from good to better to best.

There is much, much more to the Power of Three Method, but if you ask the basic qualifying question before each and every service, it’s possible that close to 30% of your facial clients will upgrade themselves.

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