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Chapter 4: The Financial Abundance Factor

By: Jamie Scalise
Posted: June 16, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Now that we have laid the foundation for abundance as viewed from a place of sufficiency, let’s explore some calculations based on the numbers that you’ll see in more detail in the following chapter. You’ll there find prices from both from the spa where I practice my trade, the Spa at DelMonte and a fictitious spa, Spa Bella, which is more moderate in price structure. In the next chapter we use these prices below for giving you more detail and a foolproof ratio to help set your own prices for the Basic facial, the mid-line (Kiss) and then up to the high end (Super Kiss) facial.




Super Kiss

Spa at Delmonte




Spa Bella




Again, we’ll tell you how we arrived at these prices, along with the ratios used, in the following chapter. For now though, let’s take these numbers and apply some calculations to see how allowing clients to upgrade affects ones income. For the Spa at DelMonte, let’s assume in this fictitious example we are paid an hourly rate. Remember, we have assured you this will work in either case, whether you are an hourly employee or commissioned, assuming your owner/manager is open to both of you making more money. And if you rent or sub contract, the value of allowing client upgrades is logically built in as you are your own sole income source in that case. For the Spa Bella example we will use a 35% commission rate on services performed for our calculations. Here, since we are on

commission, the more we make for the spa the more we make for ourselves, which is both easy to calculate and understand.

The Spa at DelMonte: Bonus Plan