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Chapter 4: The Financial Abundance Factor

By: Jamie Scalise
Posted: June 16, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Editor’s note: This article is an unedited chapter from Jamie Scalise’s unpublished book The Power of Three Method: How to Upgrade Your Spa/Salon Income Without Selling. An excerpt from the chapter is running in the July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine; however, it has been edited to fit the magazine’s format and style. Download this article as a PDF.

Abundance means ‘more of something’ and the beauty is that you get to fill in the blank. Whether it’s more love, more joy, more clients, a plentitude of happiness, more money, better relationships, or a bounty of peace, it’s all good. In the context of this book, we are mostly referring to the financial abundance factor, being that we are providing a blueprint for generating more income and profits. But as you have heard, and will continue to see, this financial abundance just a piece of the whole pie.

Most importantly, we are able to enhance the results, experience and eventually the lives of the clients we serve. We provide them abundance in the form of inner peace, improved skin condition, enhanced moods and feelings of love through our compassion, understanding and acceptance of them as perfect children of God.

Scarcity versus sufficiency

If you have experienced a reaction to this book, whether negative or positive, about increasing your income as well as the income of the spa you represent, consider where you are currently positioned on the scarcity versus sufficiency continuum. If when you read any part of this book so far you harbored thoughts or feelings of discomfort, or if you considered the possibility that Ameann and I might just be greedy for creating a book that promotes upgrading clients, check in with yourself. As it has been incessantly stressed that the client’s results are the first and only concern, not the income increases, notice the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings as you check in with yourself. It’s very possible that your relationship with money, like the rest of us (including said authors), needs some healing.

If you think your relationship with money is good, allow us to ask you a question. Have you ever not recommended something, whether a cream, styling product, serum, or even a top level service, because YOU decided that the client couldn’t afford it? I know Ameann and I have both neglected to offer in the past, and we bet you have too. So do you want the truth here? Or better yet, can you handle the truth?

All of us, when WE make a decision for a client from our own feelings of lack or insufficiency, cheat that client out of a possible outcome. While we ‘think’ that we are saving them the time and effort of not having to say ‘no’ to us, unconsciously we are completely and selfishly limiting them on their potential choices and eventual outcomes. Can you possibly now see how our limited financial belief systems not only poison ourselves by limiting our allowance of abundance to flow in, but also cheat those we are supposed to be serving?

So we need then to get beyond scarcity and insufficiency, for the good of ourselves and our clients, and into a sufficiency mindset in order for us to better allow abundance into our lives. In a moment, we’ll define for you our interpretation of the difference between the two as an introduction to this concept.

For those of you who already understand that you are drowning in scarcity, or at least sometimes find yourself soaking wet in the chill of the insufficiency pool, allow us to suggest a trio of books that helped us both come out the other side, warm, dry, and basking in the glow of sufficiency.

To provide specific help here, may we suggest purchasing and reading, in no specific order, The Emotion Behind Money by Julie Murphy Casserly, a Certified Financial Planner with a warm, engaging, and spiritual take on improving your relationship (and yes you do have a relationship whether, good, bad or indifferent) with money found at; and the The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, where she describes the concepts of scarcity vs. sufficiency, among many other helpful, financially healing concepts in great detail at If you have a really open mind, the abundant teachings of the spirit guide Abraham are chronicled in Money, and The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

And if you are feeling good about your abundance receptivity, and think your connection with allowing financial prosperity into your life appears to be without corrosion, the following definitions on scarcity and sufficiency mindsets may either confirm your feelings, or change your mind and send you book shopping for more help! Either way, it’s all good…

So read on and come to your own conclusions. If you feel you possess a bruised relationship with financial abundance, as most of us do on some level, go get some additional help once you’ve finished “The Power of Three Method.” This method will work in any case, but you will inevitably experience higher upgrade percentages, better client relations and results, and more abundance flowing into your life if you take the time to improve your own relationship with money. We promise, like any relationship, the healing will occur if you seek it.

If we come from a sufficiency mind, ‘more is better’ simply means that even though we already have enough, we desire to experience a grander vision of abundance for ourselves and our families, as well as share our unique gifts on a larger scale and with more and more people. These gifts include our talents, knowledge, time and money, so in this case, our expansion becomes a spectacular, connected pursuit of higher good and is aligned with the Universal Laws.

But if we come from the scarcity mindset that says we need more for our Ego’s personal gratification, that we can never really have enough, “the Joneses” always have more than we do, and that our inner worth is measured by what we own and have, then as described here, ‘more is better’ is a disconnection from Source and becomes a time bomb waiting to implode or explode, or both. The Universe will not support us in this self-centered, wounded effort. The question remains, from which place do you come?

Is your desire for more based out of fear, insecurity, jealousy and wonton wanting? This is a scarcity mindset. Or do you wish for more, all the while knowing you already have been blessed with enough, but at the same time realizing you have more to offer a larger number of people on a bigger stage in life, and therefore deserve more financial abundance in return. Of course this is the sufficiency mind, and the difference between the ways in which you seek more in life will make all the difference in the world in your actual results.

You will either be supported by Universal forces (if you own a sufficiency mind) in your expansion efforts, or thwarted if you operate from a scarcity mindset. You can heal your financial views and make the conversion from one to the other with some reading and personal work. This is a very important topic to internally reconcile, as it will not only affect your view of the world, but your future successes as well.

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