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Profitability--Proven Steps to Ensuring a Healthy Bottom Line

By: Melinda Minton
Posted: March 26, 2009, from the April 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Beyond this, however, creating a special presence for that key 20% of clients locks in the relationship by making them feel like they are part of the family. Creating a hotline exclusively for your best clients should be a given. This is a phone line dedicated to your 20% where the call is answered in two rings by the best among your front desk team. This is a line where no one is put on hold and the best appointment times are booked easily and quickly.

Additionally, consider special-colored robes for your VIPs, complimentary gifts and add-on services as a matter of course, and passes for their friends to join in a side-by-side treatment or to enjoy an additional treatment on the house with the purchase of a primary service. Take care of that key 20% and you will retain them.

Internal customer service

The customer is always right, but there is more than one customer in the mix. Your staff is an invaluable element in the total quality management picture.

The spa is unlike most working environments. Your staff members not only interact with clients, they also touch them. They touch clients physically when administering treatments, and they touch clients emotionally and energetically as they spend time with them in the spa. A spa is an energetic sponge that soaks up and then gives off all of the vibrational happenings of the day. If your staff isn’t happy, the spa will undoubtedly fail. And also, there is nothing you can do to repair all of the missteps within the spa, because the clients will feel them. More overtly, if your staff isn’t happy, it won’t do a great job when administering treatments; it won’t educate, it won’t sell retail, and it won’t retain.

Making your staff members content with their working environment includes being attentive to their personal needs. Concerns such as child care, health care, retirement and wages are included in other elements such as working conditions, teamwork and scope of work that also come into play when considering generating outstanding employee morale. Allowing employees simple freedoms such as what type of massage oil to use, and when to take breaks and lunches, also gives a bit of leeway toward developing self-determination within the workplace, as well as creating a reasonable sense of autonomy. Your employees in large part make the spa—treat them like gold.

Present and profitable