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More Economic Influence

Posted: February 26, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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If you do it in the open, you still have your rooms available for full treatments, but gives you an opportunity for a new service in a new area. Vidal Sasson was the first one to have an open plan salon and everyone else had a cubicle; in the 1960s it was unheard of. I remember people would say there is no way they will have hair colored in front of someone else. Then the concept of unisex was really novel. Pay attention to clients, and what they are doing for their well-being. They are having nails done at a nail bar, hair cut in front of everyone else, and as long as we keep hanging on to this idea that the relevance of our industry is luxury and pampering, it becomes less and less relevant to our client who is time- and money-pressed.

Anya Aderibigbe, Manager, A-Skin CareSalon, Arlington, Massachusetts

We would hurting be if we weren’t doing anything about it. We are doing so much to try and catch up with it, but we started preparing for it awhile ago. We are putting all of our efforts into making our spa work better every moment.

We have decided to cut back on discounting if possible because, from what we’ve been reading, it seems like a bad trend. Instead of that, we add on services for free. We try to pick things that wouldn’t be very time consuming to add on. This month we have a special where we do a free mini facial when a client gets a stone therapy. That’s easy to incorporate. You’re already massaging the client’s body anyway. It’s not hard to do that. For Valentine's Day, we’re having a special where we will have a free design with a Brazilian bikini.

We’re trying to get as many clients as we can, and we’re trying to tackle all aspects of marketing harder than before. We’re constantly reexamining our marketing strategies and revisiting our services and are trying to see how we can make our menu more appealing to people and seeing who we can collaborate with in order to attract more customers. We’re doing a collaboration with Edible Arrangements, just trying to come up with ways to get as many people through the doors. We are a small business, so we just hope that we know our clients well because we’re a small family owned business. Our town is not huge, but it is a pretty predictable clientele for the most part and brainstorm about what they might like and we try to add personal touches to what we do. We always greet them as friends and family because a lot of them are like that because they’ve been coming here for years and we write them personalized cards.