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More Economic Influence

Posted: February 26, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Lydia Sarfati, Founder/CEO, Repechage

Tell me about your Facial Bar Concept?

Especially it is very pertinent for spas right now, and I have been noticing the last three years way too many facial rooms that are empty, low occupancy at the mega spas and I thought "What is wrong?" I am tired of hearing that hair is the business to be in. Why is it when we do it, it works, when I am at the salon we sell retail, what is wrong? Basically there is nothing up front that says that that spa is engaged in that spa activity. It is either hidden upstairs or downstairs. The clients that go through the door don’t ever see skin care activity.

Skin care products are hidden behind locked door. This formula spells disaster and lack of sales. I’ve shaken the industry creating the Facial Bar Concept, which is the solution to the healthy skin care business. Show and tell and you will sell. We’ve been doing it in stages, now it is full blown activity that takes place in the front of the salon in a comfortable makeup chair that reclines. When people walk in they say “What is this lady having done? I want what they have." We’ve created express facials, OptiFirm Eye Contour treatments, deep pore cleansing mask specific for oily skin, these are all 15-20 minute treatments and then put together a facial on-the-go treatment that’s a 30-minute treatment that allows the client to experience a deep cleansing and conditioning. This immediately creates retail sales and delivers booking for clinical treatments in the back of the salon (acne, anti-aging facials). The bar is an appetizer and for the main course they go into the room. It will increase retail sales by 300% and increased booking for 50%. It rolled out in October, and we have 10 salons that are doing the Facial Bar Concept, and I hope that in 2009 we’ll have 1,000 salons. That’s my aim and goal and objective. What I really wanted to do in the last quarter of the year is to test the ground, have market tests, and we’ve tested the waters in the different regions. I wanted to do it myself. I had to go to the salon and see it happening, see results and reaction and success so it’s not just a figment of my imagination.

Kelly Swalheim, Operations Manager, Balance Day Spa, Greensboro, North Carolina