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More Economic Influence

Posted: February 26, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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I don’t know if I’m seeing this or just something I’ve read about, people are really looking for results and value for their dollar. That is part of the trend. Service trends, there’s not a whole lot of that, other than stress. When they come here, their question is “Do I have to leave.” We have to focus on addressing the clients needs and looking at their stress levels, try to reduce stress and be focused on results because they don’t have money to waste.

Rayda Ireifej, Owner, The Brow & Skin Studio, Huntington Beach, California

We used to do seasonal promotions according to the occasion that was coming up. We focused more on one at a time. Since things have changed, instead of going for a series, we are doing three promotions a month and always have some type of a product on promotion. In the past, we would look at a product and choose a product that they are really into. We focus a lot on personal e-mails. We send a mass of e-mails and our clients receive that. We have a lot in local magazines and literature, but mainly it’s e-mail. Just discount those prices. We’ve been receiving all these clients for a long time and they’ve been generous, so we’ve said that it is our turn. We’ve been very generous and are creating new treatments, too. Rowena is a great esthetician and wax technician, and we create the treatments according to what our charts tell us and that is good promotions. And it’s helping us and helping the clients.

Sylvia started sensing what was going on. Every woman wants to be beautiful no matter what. She’ll cut down on buying jeans and sneakers; the beauty industry is very fortunate. You listen to the news and follow up with other stories and they lose jobs and businesses and homes and we started picking that up at that time. That helped up have the clients realize that we are considerate and focusing on the clients. My acne clients are teenagers and can’t keep up their products, so I did a program on my own and tell them this time I want you to try this for two weeks, give it to you and let me know your outcome. They feel like you are giving them something they can take home. We put it in plastic containers and applicators and they do good, and at the same time I feel like I gave a hand to someone who really needs it and has a serious situation. More than 10 clients I’ve helped like that. I pick it up from the shelf and give it to them. They turn around a give you a hug and you really see difficult situations.

We’ve been going green and we’ve changed lots of things, the lights, paper goodies, cleaning products and Sylvia is on top of things. We’re abou 50% green and continue doing so.