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More Economic Influence

Posted: February 26, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Stephanie Chwah, Owner, Touch Companies Inc.Wellness Center & Day Spa, Rosemont, Illinois

We use promotions more or less; we don’t like starting off with discouting services because sometimes when they see 10% it’s not a lot. Some services tend to bring in more money than others, so if someone is getting massage, we make more off massage than a mani/pedi, but they have to do both services in order to get the promotion. Both services get booked quicker, people are doing both services. If a client is in for a massage, we let clients know if there are openings during appointment reminders, we let them know that they got that service. Sometimes last minute clients, a lot of them will say yes as long as you offer it to them with an incentive of a promotion or discount, they accept it a little better. We still offer 10% or more off, but in a shorter amount of time.

We always have incentives for new clients, but we will offer 30% where they have a very limited time frame, if they don’t, then it’s just a reminder to get in. We do it for when we have a new treatment incentive or an upgrade or add on. And we do e-mail blasts when we are not busy. To fill up books, when most of our clients leave, we try to get them to reschedule right away. If they don’t schedule when they leave, they won’t schedule for months.

We give a chance for all of our therapists and technicians to promote themselves and their services more than we do when they’re busy. It’s good to bring in new clients and pamper those that they already have. It allows us to give them more tools to go out and use anything in the spa, mini manicures, paraffin, chair massages to allow them to utilize those. We’re in a fitness center, so when they see cross-traffic busy in the health club, they can go out and do half-off chair massages or free chair massages. We get corporate wellness centers that come in, and we have a corporate team building center, it allows corporations to come in and do trust building and go out onto the floor and give free chair massages and promote the spa. When there’s other clients getting nail services, most clients are open when other therapists will come in and talk to them and by the time that they leave they are getting in the appointment that day or scheduling for another week.

Sandra Donovan, Owner, Donovan's Serenity & Wellness Spa, Alpena, Michigan