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Spend It Where It Counts

By: Jane Wurwand
Posted: June 26, 2008, from the July 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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And yes, wearing your spa’s logo t-shirt is a good way to advertise your skin care center when you’re getting involved. It seems everyone wears somebody’s logo these days, so you may as well wear your own. There may be media at the event, but even if this is not the case, people will ask you about your business. Tell them.

Most importantly, though, get friendly with the people who conceived, planned and carried out the project. Create a skin care treatment specifically for gardeners, who are exposed to UV rays and whose hands take a beating even when wearing gloves. Create a small card to be distributed to people associated with the community garden, and offer a soothing aromatherapy hand massage or foot massage as a bonus when booking a standard skin care treatment. Any quick printer can lay out, print and cut the cards for you, and they should be the size and weight of a business card or a bit larger. Of course, print them on green and ideally recycled card stock, and make sure the card offers this special service, along with your name, the name of your spa, phone number, e-mail address, business hours, street address and any needed parking information. Distribute these cards at all the related functions, and be sure organizers have a supply of their own.

This low-tech approach—called viral or buzz marketing—builds word of mouth and referrals. Done in this way, this form of marketing also establishes you as someone connected to the community at large. Then, when the community project is well-established, consider adding the Gardener’s Treatment to your menu for your general clientele.

And you can do something along these lines for any community cause. I tend to choose events and projects that directly benefit women and children. Examples would be the building or improvement of a library or arts center, a women’s shelter, or the opening or expansion of a playground, park or day care center. Whatever connects you to the community is a great starting place for building a heartfelt grassroots campaign, and that will cement your standing with your clientele.

Invest in yourself

Now, in terms of where to spend your money, the most significant investment will always be in the skills of yourself and your team. Education on an ongoing basis is crucial to your success. And I am referring to education that goes far beyond your technical skill in performing a painless extraction. I mean classes that build your skills in basics such as math, budgeting and bookkeeping.