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Making Your First Hire

By: Kelly Richardson
Posted: October 31, 2012, from the November 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Suggest to any solo practicing esthetician that she should hire someone to help her, and she will answer: “Nobody will do it like me.” Those six words are the biggest single roadblock for small-business owners who are looking to expand their businesses. Those six words are also the truth. Embracing the facts that everyone is different, and new hires will add diversity to your business while increasing profits, is the key to moving forward with this important step.

Determine your needs. In what area of your business do you need the most help? Perhaps you need a part-time receptionist to answer phones, schedule appointments and greet clients on your busy days. Do you need another esthetician, possibly someone to focus on facials, so you can focus on waxing?

Make a list. Outline both the job and your dream employee. Be specific in determining this person’s responsibilities, as well as what characteristics, experience and education that you desire for the person in the position. Do you want someone seasoned with an existing clientele, or someone you can train to take over some clients?

Write out policies. You have it in your head, you know what is acceptable for your business, but new hires won’t unless you write it down. Do you need a dress code or uniform guide? Breaks? Sick policy? Social media policy? Making your employee handbook will give you backup and confidence when things go awry, and also provide your employee a basic understanding of what they can expect from working for your business.

Prepare. Take a class, consult hiring guides, read some books. Prepare yourself not only for the hiring process, but also for being a boss. There are many great daily blogs and e-newsletters by human resources professionals that are both inspiring and filled with information.