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Update Your Facility on a Budget

By: Heidi Lamar
Posted: September 3, 2013, from the September 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The finishing touch to the reception area was provided by Airpark Signs (, which gave the front desk a luxe look with custom artwork. By separating the elements of our logo into two parts, and layering “Spa Lamar” over the brushed aluminum seahorses, a dimensional piece of sculpture was created that would look at home in any urban chic boutique resort.

Wow them where they least expect it

Clients expect to be impressed when they walk in; however, what makes a transformation authentic are the little surprises along the way.

Salon hallway. One of those surprises was an architectural wall panel system that turned our ordinary hallway into enchanting passage. Clients walked down this ho-hum hallway without a second glance before the renovation. The addition of these architectural panels created a space that clients now stop to admire.

These eco-friendly panels were discovered in the most unlikely of places: eBay. Contempo Living Inc. forms these 3-D panels out of natural plant fiber material, so they are as green as they are gorgeous. They are lightweight and easy to install with contact cement, adding to their budget-friendly charm. They look like much more expensive concrete architectural panels for a fraction of the cost. They are paintable too, making it easy to create a custom look with even the smallest of budgets. These panels ship from either California or Canada, making costs reasonable, and they arrived just as described.