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Online Dating: Build Relationships and Stimulate Client Engagement Via Social Media

By: Ashley Ludgood
Posted: October 2, 2013, from the October 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Online Dating: Build Relationships and Stimulate Client Engagement Via Social Media

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Define the relationship. In every relationship, there comes a point when you need to reveal what you want. If you don’t tell them, how are they supposed to know? Make sure you are leaving your contact information and a call-to-action on most—if not all—of your posts. Explicitly tell your fans and followers to contact you for a consultation.

Order takeout and pretend that you cooked. If social media seems like too much effort for you right now, cut a couple of corners. Employ the use of dashboards, such as Hootsuite or SproutSocial, to manage your accounts. These will allow you to schedule posts in advance so that you can post at prime hours and multiple times per day without being tied to a computer. They also offer mobile apps that allow you to respond more quickly and easily from your phone. Consider hiring a social media strategist or a social media intern to execute the day-to-day work.

Fall in love

Ultimately, the esthetician-client relationship is a long distance one in which the client does not have the luxury of seeing you every day, but may want more time or advice. Social media allows you to create the illusion of more time, attention, availability and investment in each client. That appearance of extra investment will translate to enhanced loyalties, stronger word-of-mouth and more frequent visits from each client. Prepare to fall in love with the results.



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