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Cashing In on Dual Treatment Packages

By: Jill Kohler
Posted: January 31, 2014, from the February 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Cashing In on Dual Treatment Packages

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The best method of attack for noticeably removing wrinkles from clients’ faces is to give them a clean slate. Start by performing a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) chemical peel to help alleviate the signs of aging. The acid’s chemical reaction exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkle appearance and minimizes age spots. This treatment also encourages a surge of skin renewal and collagen growth.

There is no downtime with this procedure and clients can return to work post-treatment. Simply advise them to avoid the sun and abstain from applying makeup until the redness subsides. The best results from this type of treatment are achieved from multiple peels—three-to-six every four-to-six weeks on average.

For round two, give the client’s anti-wrinkle regimen a high-tech twist with a series of fractionalized laser wrinkle-reduction treatments. With the proper training, skin care professionals in some states can perform this advanced procedure and provide the anti-aging results clients want. (Editor’s note: To find out if this is within your scope of practice, log on to for your state board’s contact information.)

Fractionalized laser rejuvenation technology works by projecting hundreds of microscopic beams of laser energy into the dermis. This coagulates small columns of tissue and stimulates the healing process in the surrounding skin. Collagen production and cell regeneration are increased, creating fuller, suppler skin. Hard-to-treat fine lines and wrinkles will soften and fade.

With the proper settings and equipment, laser wrinkle reduction can be used on a variety of skin types. Skin care professionals who focus their efforts on promoting dual packages of chemical peel and laser wrinkle reduction procedures will increase their revenue and keep clients raving.

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