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Satisfying Web Site Experiences Important for Consumer Sales

Posted: December 19, 2008

Improving a consumer's experience of a Web site can help both online and offline sales, according to a recent study published by ForeSee Results. The research underlines the importance of a positive Web presence for consumer packaged goods companies, according to the Michigan-based company, and not just in terms online retail. ForeSee Results, which specializes in online customer satisfaction measurement, advises companies to invest in their Web sites particularly in challenging economic times.

Online experience affects future behavior

According to the study, which looked at the consumer experience of the Web sites of approximately 25 major brands, a consumer’s online experience can significantly affect future behavior.

When satisfied consumers are compared to those unhappy with their online experience, they are 81% more likely to return to the Web site, 59% more likely to recommend the product, 73% more likely to purchase online and 41% more likely to purchase offline.

“Some consumer packaged goods companies still struggle with proving that their Web sites contribute tangible to company-wide objectives, especially when there are little or no sales associated with the online channel,” said Larry Freed, CEO of ForeSee Results. However, according to Freed, you only need to look at the link between satisfaction and both purchase and brand loyalty to see what a critical role the web plays in the success of an organization.