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Spa Sanitation Awareness

By: Tara Manna
Posted: September 3, 2008

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In lounges, brushes and combs should be in a sanitization container with appropriate disinfectant and should always be rinsed before and after use. If you have questions about sanitation, just ask. Every facility should feel confident in their sanitation procedures and you are inquiring to keep yourself safe. Find out what kind of disinfectant they are using. The most popular ones are barbicide and cavicide. The facility should also be able to tell you how often these sanitation containers are cleaned and the sanitary liquid is replaced.

Wax. Wax pots should be visually clean. There should be no wax drippings anywhere on the warmer, and there should be a clean wax collar around the wax can. In addition, a new wax stick should be used each time it is applied to clients' skin. This is the double-dipping concept, and it is a no –no in the sanitation department.

Technicians. All technicians should wash their hands before touching clients: estheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians, hair stylists, everyone. So many germs can be picked up by just touching door handles or telephones. If a technician sneezes or coughs, the hands should be washed before continuing the service. Washing hands is key to being sanitary. Also, uniforms should be clean and each person should be well groomed and put together. If there are any visible cuts on hands, gloves should be worn to protect both parties. The technician’s license should be displayed in the room. All working professionals should have current licenses that are up to date.

Wet treatment rooms. These are rooms in which body treatments, wraps and body scrubs are performed. And, because of the water element, they will show signs of lackluster cleaning. Shower heads, counter tops, floors and drains should all be visibly sparkly and smell nice. Plastic and linens used in wet treatments should be disposed of or completely sanitized. The standard in the industry is to throw away any plastic, wash any linens and sanitize any synthetic blankets.

Overall, these are not practices that are out of the ordinary. You give your homes, offices, cars and clothing a good cleaning once a week, so consider all of the things you do to keep your environment clean and sanitary. Keeping the health of your clients intact is one of the most important things you can do and paying attention to the details when touching others is extremely important.