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Getting Carded

By: Elizabeth Myron
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the May 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Client name, and e-mail and mailing addresses. This information is imperative in order to establish a client database. It can be used as a future marketing tool to complete direct mailings and e-mail blasts to inform clients about discounts and special promotions, or to invite them to preview nights that feature new treatments or products.

Age, sex and place of employment. Being aware of this information is an advantage when analyzing skin problems. If your client is 16 years old and works at a fast-food restaurant, these details definitely will assist you in understanding and treating their acne condition.

Telephone numbers: home, work and cell. Direct mailings are great marketing tools, but there is nothing like making a person-to-person telephone call every now and then to demonstrate your interest in and loyalty to your clients. A call inquiring about how they enjoyed their last treatment, confirming an appointment or advising about a new product is worth its weight in gold. Client calls create business growth potential and establish a high level of professionalism, as well as increase sales. They also give you an opportunity to talk with your clients to find out if you and your team are offering the level of service expected.

Birthday. This information provides a great opportunity to send a birthday card that includes a coupon or an invitation for a complimentary minimakeover or spa service. If the client comes in for a treatment in or around the time of their birthday, have a small gift waiting for them in the treatment room, or add on a complimentary paraffin dip.

Who referred them or how they heard about your spa. If they were referred, these details will enable you to send a thank-you card, along with a complimentary service coupon, to the person who recommended your facility. If they heard about you in some other manner, such as through advertising, this will reveal which marketing initiatives are working.