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Skin Care With Compassion

By: Teresa Paquin
Posted: June 9, 2008, from the December 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Some clients will experience a total loss of eyebrows. If this occurs, introduce them to eyebrow pencils and powders to help replicate a natural look. Today there also are long-lasting cream wax eyebrow formulas.

Using an eyebrow pencil, follow the natural brow bones. Lightly feather or dot along them to form natural-looking eyebrows. Next, use a small angled makeup brush to apply eyebrow powder in short, feathery strokes. Blend well to soften and produce a more natural appearance.

For clients who have a hard time drawing in eyebrows by hand, suggest that they purchase eyebrow stencils. It is helpful to offer a nice range of these in various shapes and thicknesses.

Eyelashes. When a client has lost her eyelashes, two simple steps can help. Line each upper eyelid with either an eye pencil or eye shadow to give the illusion of having eyelashes. Depending upon the shape of the eye, consider lining the lower lash line, as well. False eyelashes are the second option, but only with a physician’s approval. Chemotherapy can leave clients vulnerable to irritation or infection. Most often, they opt for false eyelashes for special occasions, such as weddings. They are not recommended for everyday use.

Skin care. Chemotherapy treatments alter the texture and condition of the skin. As a professional esthetician, you should make your client aware of the changes she may start to experience and the services that will help, along with any home-care products to maintain healthy-looking skin.