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Skin Care With Compassion

Teresa Paquin December 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine

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Editor’s note: Joanna Donovan is not a real name and was used to protect the identity of the individual.

When breast cancer survivor Joanna Donovan turned to her hairstylist of 10 years for expert advice and care after chemotherapy altered her hair and complexion, she never expected the service she received.

“Basically, she told me there wasn’t anything she could do for me,” says Donovan, a 45-year-old high school teacher from the Greater Boston area. Donovan believed that she had been treated very cruelly and with little compassion. Luckily, she did find another salon—one that not only made her feel better about her looks, but also, more importantly, restored a little of her faith in humanity. “They did wonders for my hair, and gave me all kinds of advice on my skin care and makeup. But, on a deeper level, they empathized with my situation in a personal way that truly touched me,” she says.

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Get Involved

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer society is an international nonprofit organization. People in the community who have cancer or who want to learn more in order to help a loved one with the disease can find support groups here that offer information about prevention, treatments, survival and overall quality of life. 800-227-2345,

Look Good … Feel Better

Cancer patients can enroll in the Look Good … Feel Better program, which is free of charge. In this group, trained volunteer cosmetologists teach clients how to cope with hair loss and skin changes. These programs are offered nationwide in hospitals, at community centers and in American Cancer Society offices. Large cosmetics companies donate makeup bags for each patient. Cosmetologists who become involved must complete a required certification course and can expect to donate about five hours of volunteer time per month. 800-395-5665,

Locks of Love

This is a nonprofit organization that provides hair prosthetics to children who have long -term medical illnesses that result in hair loss. 888-896-1588,

Two-minute Makeup Routine

Step 1: Select a concealer formulation texture that provides the coverage and color desired. The most common concealer colors for disguising darkness under the eyes include beige, yellow, peach and orange.

Step 2: Use a tinted moisturizer, bronzer or blush.

Step 3: If the client has sparse lashes, choose a gentle mascara formula that is not waterproof.

Step 4: Apply a sheer tinted lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick.

Five-minute Makeup Routine

Step 1: Foundation should be applied all over the face. Choose from a variety of formulas, such as cream, powder, liquid, mineral or tinted moisturizer, based on the client’s skin type and desired coverage.

Step 2: Apply concealer under the eye area. Opt for light-reflecting, mineral or thicker, more opaque formulations.

Step 3: Lightly powder everywhere, using colorless setting powder, mineral powder or colored translucent powder.

Step 4: Sweep blush onto the apples of the cheeks. Use cream, powder, gel or mineral blush formulas.

Step 5: Line the upper lids with an eye liner. Usually the most flattering colors are mahogany or brown. Choose any combination of eye gels, eye pencils, liquid eye liners or eyeshadows.

Step 6: If the client has sparse eyelashes, apply a gentle mascara formula that is not waterproof.

Step 7: Apply lipstick. Go with those that are sheer or moisturizing, as well as tinted lip balms and glosses. Apply lip liner to any areas that need further definition.

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