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The Differences Between Men and Women--Part II: Stereotyping and Its Effects on Product Perception

By: Guy Lewis, PhD
Posted: June 6, 2008, from the February 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Men exhibit take-charge vs. take-care behaviors. They generally are more comfortable with the lead position and are uncomfortable with being taken care of, especially in settings where they either feel vulnerable or appear to be in a vulnerable situation.

A man also is content-oriented vs. process-oriented. As a rule, men often are more interested in the outcome or content of a task rather than the process of being in the task. Genetic encoding is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Vulnerability as perceived in an unfamiliar out of hands-on control process creates anxiety, and anxiety is perceived as pain.

Men, based on the developmental processes that have been discussed in this series, are practical vs. indulgent. Men are less prone to engage themselves in behaviors perceived as indulgent, and are motivated by perceived practical outcomes.

By understanding the developmental issues involved in what makes a man tick, wellness center owners can utilize well-proven techniques that will be discussed in Part III of this series to capitalize on this growing trend in wellness and create an environment that is perceptually, sensually and cognitively comfortable and trustworthy.


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