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Is Your Customer Service Training Missing the Mark?

By: Ron Kaufman
Posted: September 28, 2012, from the October 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Carefully select your service education leaders. These individuals should be specifically selected for their understanding, attitude and orientation to new action. This role calls for patience, clarity of thinking, commitment to uplifting service and boundless generosity in the encouragement of others. This unique role is course leader, educator, facilitator, coach, encourager, problem-solver, consultant and provocateur all in one.

Focus on long-term results. Your goal is more than short-term improvements in a few problem service areas; build a skin care facility with an internal capability to solve problems today and create great successes in the future.

Engage everyone. Service education will not take root unless everyone at your spa has dedicated themselves to this change. The ultimate goal is to create a culture that earns and retains many loyal clients while building pride and problem-solving passion in every service provider. When team members are confident that everyone is committed to this cause, they will work enthusiastically to deliver uplifting service.

Don’t expect instant change. Becoming skillful in service does not happen all at once, just as learning a new language cannot be accomplished in a single session. Service education must be frequent, repeated, reviewed and renewed for everyone on a continuous basis.

New learning happens when principles are put into action; new insights are discovered, new skills are developed, and new understanding and competencies are secured. It takes new action to uplift your service and delight the people around you. Be sure to incorporate all aspects of your service culture into your service education. Real-time data, current client comments, compliments, complaints and competitive information can all play vital roles. Keep fresh information flowing into your service education process. Keep new ideas for action flowing. Keep the energy for improvement moving and growing in all directions.