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Is Your Customer Service Training Missing the Mark?

By: Ron Kaufman
Posted: September 28, 2012, from the October 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

In an age when a client’s unhappy experience at a skin care facility can go viral in mere minutes, the importance of superior customer service is very evident. Sure, horrible customer service incidents involving your spa are few and far between; however, reports of exceptional service may be just as scarce. You just can’t seem to move the needle significantly in a positive direction. The problem often is that you’re trying to train your team members in customer service when you should be educating them. Training teaches employees what actions to take in specific situations. Education teaches them how to think about service in any situation and then choose the best actions to take.

Differences between training and educating result in two distinctly different types of service. “Trained” employees provide basic service. They’ll do just enough to get clients out of their hair, but they won’t make them feel very good about the spa. In fact, sometimes they’ll make the clients feel bad.

Great service is not just about following a procedure or a sequence of steps; it’s about applying their attitude and heart to proven service principles; taking the right actions at the right time to provide uplifting service so your clients and team members feel great about your skin care facility. Service education allows you to make that important distinction.

Real service education means employees learn to think and act differently in service so that their actions always create value for someone else. Service education is more than teaching employees to deliver predictable service or handle client complaints; it’s a foundation for creating a culture of uplifting service in a skin care facility.

Infusing service education into your spa’s culture is a vital process, requiring dedication from the top down and action from the bottom up. Following are a few important points to consider about service education.