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Only on Top 10 Tips to Generate and Retain Business Through Customer Service

Posted: October 5, 2011

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8. Use the customer’s name in conversation appropriately. In the skin care industry, there are many repeat customers. Show your clients you recognize them by using their names: "Mrs. Jones, it’s wonderful to see you today."

9. Listen to customer comments. Comments such as, “This is the first time I used your website,” “I just moved into the neighborhood,” “I just happened to stop by” are opportunities to engage the client to build a relationship and lifetime of loyalty. There are so many of these magic phrases that potential clients use when they either call or stop in for the first time. Don’t just tell them about your services, find out about them, too. Ask them how they heard about your skin care facility. Find out how they like the new neighborhood if they recently moved in. People like to engage with others who are interested in them as another person and not just a customer walking through the door.

10. The first hello. The last tip for almost guaranteeing repeat business, generating positive social media posts and making customers feel the spa cares, all starts with the first hello in person, over the phone or through the click of the mouse. A company’s frontline associates are the voice of the spa. When you find frontline associates who can make every customer feel welcomed and important, make sure you continually thank those special folks and reward them appropriately.

Customer Service Week is only seven days a year. Remember to make sure that your clients know that your skin care facility cares about them as a person first and customer second 365 days a year!