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Only on Top 10 Tips to Generate and Retain Business Through Customer Service

Posted: October 5, 2011

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3. Review your letters and e-mail communications. Make sure that they sound welcoming and make your clients feel important and appreciated.

4. Create a strong culture. Create a culture in which your team members are treated as family and neighbors and they will, in turn, treat your clients the same way. Clients notice and appreciate when a company notices and appreciates their employees. Make sure that clients understand how much you value your associates. Let them know that you have internal meetings where you discuss complimentary letters that have been received. Display recent letters and e-mails that show clients how others feel about your skin care facility.

5. Answer client questions. By not only responding to their direct inquiry, but also by providing them with additional useful information, clients often enjoy learning more about a potential purchase than what’s written on tag or in a brochure. Most likely, skin care professionals are trained to inform clients about product ingredients, possible side- effects, and more, but make sure your receptionist and appointment staff relay information that might be useful to clients as well, such as a change in hours, new services and special customer appreciation week discounts.

6. Help is No. 1. Understand that the underlying ingredient of customer service is helping people. Make sure that every frontline associate has a history of helping people. It will almost guarantee a great customer service experience.

7. Say hello and smile. In this era of technology, people are more stressed than ever. Getting a big, warm hello can go a long way in giving a customer the feeling of “Hey, the people at this spa is really happy to see me.”