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Business Success is Never Convenient

By: Christine Heathman
Posted: February 28, 2011, from the March 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Education. Reach out now to increase your skills and learn all you can to improve your knowledge today. No one ever failed because they had too much education. Remember it is the journey, not the destination, and always educate, educate, educate about how the recommended services and products you offer will benefit clients’ lives. Point out the wow factor, and the most important reasons to purchase the product or service. Individuals only remember three features, so ensure you communicate the most significant.

Passion. Ask yourself—What is your selling passion? New treatment add-ons, new skin care products or new skin care equipment? What targets are you aiming for? Do you have a successful plan to achieve these goals? Do you have a mental image to connect with your success strategy and the passion to move forward? Always remember that the true value of a product can be determined by the client, but it takes a passion to present the benefits and features of a product to establish its worth. Think about it.

Christine Heathman is a licensed master esthetician, massage therapist and burn specialist with more than two decades of clinical practice and research at institutions such as Stanford University and the University of Utah. Honored in 2003 as an industry legend by the American Association for Esthetics (AAE), she believes the future of skin care is now. Heathman is also a well-traveled educator, lecturer and author, and a 2010–2011 member of the Skin Inc. magazine editorial advisory board.