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Business Success, Part III: Strategies for Success

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: May 26, 2010, from the June 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Mii amo

"Fill in your gaps or enhance your offerings to match what the market demands," says Grenoble, president of Enchantment Group, the firm that manages Mii amo.

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Community service. In fact, efforts such as community sponsorships and other community-oriented participation are recognized as community service, and this is another great opportunity for the established business to go above and beyond. “Get involved; give back,” encourages Sarfati. “There are so many causes that you can get involved with. What are the needs in your community? It’s really great helping others overseas, but what about the kids in your area? You can be involved globally, but community involvement really counts, too.”

Andreas-Tuel agrees, “Once you feel that your business is getting there and you’re proud of what you are doing and want to branch out, attach your brand to a charity that you and your staff feel passionately about supporting. It is important that your team members also love the charity or they won’t participate.” And that staff buy-in is crucial for charity work to not only benefit the community, but to benefit your business, as well.

“We had a company-wide retreat a couple of months ago and every single one of our employees listed our charitable efforts as something they were proud of within the company,” says Andreas-Tuel. “It’s amazing how word spreads in the community when you do charity work, and it is so good for your business. It wasn’t intentional; I was doing it because it felt good, but in the end, the business payoff is really good; it’s good for everyone.”

Customer service. Another strategy that is good for everyone is customer service. “Customer service should always reign supreme. If you have lousy customer service, that gets out within the masses. If your customer service isn’t consistent with your message, it can end up costing you business,” warns Heathman. Andreas-Tuel agrees. “You need to have a wonderful policy about taking care of people and fostering 100% satisfaction,” she says. “If clients realize you are willing to acknowledge complaints and improve your business, you can turn an upset client into one who is loyal for a lifetime.”

Strategies for today’s business climate

It’s no secret that running a business today is a completely different venture than it was three years ago, mainly due to the recession, but also because of a quickly growing competitive landscape and a more knowledgeable clientele. Whether your spa opened its doors last week or has been in business for 20 years, things are changing. “Read the book Who Moved My Cheese (Vermilion, 2002) by Spencer Johnson, MD, then read it a few more times and think about the economy,” suggests Suzuki. “We’re in a different, more European business environment and things are thrifty to a certain extent. We have clients who are justifying how much they are spending more now than ever before.”