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Business Success, Part III: Strategies for Success

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: May 26, 2010, from the June 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Mii amo

"Fill in your gaps or enhance your offerings to match what the market demands," says Grenoble, president of Enchantment Group, the firm that manages Mii amo.

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Sarfati agrees, stating, “Proper prior planning prevents poor performance. The majority of spas make two mistakes: they carry too much inventory, and they don’t brand their spa.”

Marketing and branding. “What is the branding philosophy of your spa?” asks Sarfati. “Who are you? What is it I’m going to see the first seven seconds after I walk into your spa? Who do you want your client to be? All of these branding questions need to be answered during the pre-planning stages, and the answers should be based on your clientele and your location.”

Heathman suggests fine-tuning your focus in order to elevate your brand. “You can have things all over the place, but you need to be a master of one and focus on your mission statement. The message needs to be clear to the client, and it should be consistent throughout every aspect of your business,” she says. And there is no place where a clear branding message is more valuable than in a business’s marketing efforts.

“A client can open the phone book and see all these different spas to choose from. You can’t whisper. You want your spa to drown out all that noise and be very clear,” emphasizes Heathman. Andreas-Tuel agrees, stating, “You can’t let your brand name be attached to anything negative. You need to build a strong and reputable business; if you are recognized as a good business person, that’s priceless.”

Retail. “Retail is very important and a lot of spas make horrible mistakes by not allowing consumers to experience a product,” explains Sarfati. “They place them like jewelry in a glass case and products have no place being treated like jewels. People are all about touch and smell and feel, and if you aren’t creating a seductive, inviting, sexy retail environment, you might as well send clients to the drug store.”