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Spa Snapshot--Gadabout Man Interview Transcripts

Posted: February 1, 2008, from the February 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Learn more about the exclusively male spa, Gadabout Man in Tucson, Arizona, by reading this transcript of the interview between Skin Inc. magazine and Gadabout SalonSpas’ vice presidents Frank and Jana Westerbeke.

Skin Inc. magazine: What was the inspiration for starting Gadabout Man?
Gadabout Man vice presidents Frank and Jana Westerbeke: Gadabout Man is a place for men to feel comfortable and be able to express themselves. It is a place that they can call their own and where they can celebrate and talk with other men. This space gives them time and a place for themselves.

SI: What is the background of the founders?
Westerbekes: The key component of Gadabout Man is the male influence it has. One of the owners is a man, and it was designed for men by a man. The point is to keep a day spa feel, but with a masculine twist.

SI: In the inspiration of Gadabout Man, was Frank Westerbeke a large part of it, or was it just seen as a natural evolution of Gadabout for to begin offering a space and services exclusively for men?
Westerbekes: Frank was a large part of the inspiration for Gadabout Man. It was more of an idea that Frank had, and that really lead to an exciting new space exclusively for men.

SI: What kind of work went into launching Gadabout Man?
Westerbekes: We had to figure out a way to re-educate our already loyal guests while also encouraging new men clientele. We also wanted to keep the place very simple and focus on the man’s desire: comfort.