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Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine Announces R&D Award Winners

Posted: March 29, 2011

At the Suppliers' Reception at In-Cosmetics in Milan, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine announced the winners for its 2011 R&D Awards, which honor one new ingredient for its innovative design and one finished product for the novelty and craft of its formulation. Rachel Grabenhofer, editor for Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, presented the awards to the winners, which included the following.

The winner for Best New Technology is Croda Europe Ltd., for its Solaveil SpeXtra inorganic UV absorber. This inorganic UV filter is based on titanium dioxide and enables the production of high SPF sunscreen products that meet the European Commission’s 1/3 UVA protection factor guidelines. While other sunscreens have been produced that meet these guidelines, they are based on cocktails of ingredients that are sometimes unsuitable for sensitive skin, and whose SPF performance is often limited. Solaveil SpeXtra is a single, natural, photostable technology developed via a new thermal process for treating inorganic particles to ensure that exact particle sizes are achieved to block UVA radiation while maintaining SPF performance.

The winner for Most Creative Application is Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, for its Tantasia natural self-tanner. This formula works with the user’s own melanin to develop a safe, long-lasting and natural tan. Acetyl tyrosine and Monk’s Pepper stimulate melanin synthesis, allowing the developing shade to mimic the user’s natural tanned color. The contribution of both ingredients activates a regular, even and persistent tan while simultaneously enhancing the natural protection factor of the skin against UV radiation. Further, wheat protein provides soothing, natural hydration while vegetable-sourced natural silicone imparts a silky feeling. This product is reportedly free from any after-scent, and has been sensitivity-tested for use on the body or face.

Finalists for Best New Technology included: Beiersdorf AG, for its Glycerylglucose (Gluco-Glycerol) moisturizing technology; X-Rite Inc., for its VS450 non-contact spectrophotometer; and Silab, for its Retilactyl D natural anti-aging active.

Finalists for Most Creative Application category included: Skin Health Technology LLC, for its vitamin D UV activation sensors; Immanence Integral Dermo-Correction (IDC), for its Ultim-Age mature skin care; and Better Way (Thailand) Co., Ltd., for its Mistine No. 1 Fusion High Definition Powder Foundation SPF 25.