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Educated Spa Owner Makes a Difference in Her Community

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: March 30, 2010, from the April 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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“My grieving process is what pushed me,” she says, and she soon made the decision to start offering skin care services out of her apartment. “I sent fliers to hair salons in my neighborhood, and while I was doing that, I signed up for Workshop in Business Opportunities,” she says, completing the private, nonprofit organization’s 16-week course, “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business,” with a business plan in hand.

After working from her home and building up a clientele for approximately two years, Frenche started looking for a space for her business. And although she experienced some setbacks in the process, she finally located the ideal building in 2006. “It was perfect, on the ground floor, private; I wanted to create an oasis that was right there, but you didn’t know what was behind the door,” she explains.

Now, along with the spa, the facility also houses a private tea room. “I wanted to open a place where people were going to be taken care of, and then they could sit down and relax at a beautiful table to spend time with family and friends,” Frenche says.

Being a beneficial part of the community is also important to her, and Frenche regularly invites neighborhood children into the business at no cost in order to help them learn how to socialize. “I think it’s a lost art,” she says. “I think our society has given up on teaching how to be social. We’ve totally lost it. Our kids don’t know it at all. This is my way of making a difference where that is concerned.”

In the future, Frenche wants to begin franchising her business, hoping to open a location on her home island of Tobago. Additionally, she is working on a member-based concept with Le Chateau, eventually leading to a members-only spa experience, which she feels will contribute to the well-being of her clients and also help her to budget with more certainty. The membership concept will require members to invest $100 a month and will include a variety of benefits, including discounts and afternoon tea.