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The Evolution of a Spa Owner

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: February 24, 2010, from the March 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Another evolution very close to Vucsko’s heart was just around the corner. Although the business still works with a plastic surgeon once a month for consultations and minimally invasive procedures, in 2006, La Look became a wellness spa.

“We started changing because our clients’ needs started to change, and detoxing was huge. I started a program called Inside Out: 40 Days and 40 Ways for the 40-Plus Woman, which was a series of workshops,” she says, explaining that women in other age groups requested programs, as well.

And her business wasn’t the only aspect that evolved to this point. Although Vucsko has always been personally interested in fitness and works as a personal trainer for some of her spa clients, when she turned 44, she decided to compete in a figure competition, which is similar to a fitness competition. Her first year, she won fourth place, and the next year, when she was 45, she won second place. “That was how the workshops came about,” explains Vucsko. “I wanted to show how women in their 40s could change their lifestyles for the better.”

Unfortunately, her goal for first place has currently been put on hold due to an autoimmune illness she’s been fighting since the summer of 2008. But Vucsko’s illness offered another inspiration for her business, motivating her to bring in different approaches that offer wellness benefits, such as detoxifying body treatments, nutrition seminars and meditation.

Slowing down is just not an option for Vucsko, who proudly practices what she preaches. “I like when people see that I’ve had challenges and that I can overcome them, so I can help others overcome their challenges, too,” she says. Vucsko helps address challenges within her larger community, as well, by working with the organization H.E.L.P., which has the purpose of spreading Hope Education Love and Protection to children throughout the world. “We do charity work, fund-raisers, and we just did a wellness day to raise money for the organization,” she says.