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Spa Owner Embraces All Things Holistic

By: Abby Penning
Posted: October 17, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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With her attitude focused on dedication to her clients, Fedotova continued to develop her business, attracting even more loyal customers. “We even have clients that will fly in from LosAngeles or Boston monthly for an herbal facial on a regular basis,” she says. “They know the treatment will always be completely customized, and know the quality of care they will receive.”

And with that type of popularity, Fedotova knew she could only grow more, setting her sights on the city across Lake Michigan. “I am from Moscow, and I’m a big city girl,” she says. “I think Kalamazoo is wonderful, and I love the people here and am very thankful for all the support I have received from my clients, but when I went to Chicago, I knew I wanted to be part of that city, too.” The second Elina Advanced Skin Care opened on Oak Street in downtown Chicago in 2006 and—not being able to be two places at once—Fedotova sent one of her best estheticians from Kalamazoo to lead the second location.

The Chicago facility and its staff quickly came to develop a following of its own. “When I hire people, I look at personality first. Can they listen and empathize?” Fedotova explains. “I believe practitioners walking into a treatment room should leave their personal life outside and focus only on the client. I would prefer to train a caring professional fresh out of school than hire a more experienced esthetician who is self-concentrated.”

Now, with two locations to oversee and a product line she personally creates, Fedotova splits her days between working in the lab and spending time with clients, leaving her busier than ever. It hasn’t diminished her passion for the industry and its people, though. “I love building these long-term relationships. People are bringing me their life stories,” she says. “I feel fortunate when clients trust me to take care of their children’s skin and later, those children bring their children in for consultations.”

The industry’s trend of holistically inspired services has her more thrilled than ever about the future of skin care, too. “When I came to the United States in 1991, the beauty industry did not include much about wellness, but more about makeup to cover up problems,” Fedotova notes. “I am very excited to see this revolution in the conscious environmental choices of clients and professionals. Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and I believe more and more people are beginning to see that connection and apply it to their everyday lives.”