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Native American Makeup Artist Becomes Hollywood Standout

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the April 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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According to Redleaf, it often takes an A-list actor to make a makeup artist/hairstylist’s career. His arrived in the beautiful and talented package of actress Helen Hunt, who he met in 1991, right before her television hit, Mad About You, debuted. After they became friends, Hunt asked if he wanted to participate in the series, as well as many of her box-office smashes that followed, including Twister and As Good As It Gets. “She really put me on the map,” he says. “I really owe it to her.”

Redleaf works with a variety of celebrity clients who come and go. “Nothing ever is constant except that flow,” he says. “Every project is different, with a different vibe and energy. You do have your favorites because they are cool, they fly you all over the place and let you stay in five-star hotels,” Redleaf laughs

This multitalented artist recently added another title to his ever-expanding résumé: photographer. A journalism major in college, Redleaf recently shot a six-page pictorial on actress Lucy Lawless for OK! magazine. “Now I can look at the whole picture, orchestrate it and work with artists to create the whole image,” he says. “That is the most fun—to take a person and bring out the best that they can be.”

Redleaf takes his job seriously and wants to position himself as a person who really tells the truth about beauty. “I feel like the media and these makeover shows are saying that you aren’t good enough. Beauty has taken a very weird curve. We’ve got to get back to finding our balance within and changing the things you can change, in moderation,” he asserts.

According to Redleaf, “At the end of the day, it’s makeup and hairstyling, and it all washes off. Be comfortable in your own skin, and be proud of who you are.” Redleaf continues to follow a path of wellness and wholeness. He believes in being the healthiest you can be. “Follow your bliss. Follow your dream,” he advises. “We are all coming from somewhere, and we are all going somewhere.”