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Skin Care Professional Melds Scientific Mindset With Southern Charm

By: Nicole Urbanowicz
Posted: September 28, 2012, from the October 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Tarcia Tripp

T. Tripp

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With that, Tripp still didn’t leave her science background in the dust. “I understand what is going on in the inside as far as the gauge pressure of the diamond microdermabrasion, along with other aspects of my business,” says Tripp, who examines product lines and enjoys chatting about the latest spa equipment like an avid technical and scientific analyst.

Tripp says estheticians who focus on anti-aging and targeted skin care regimens need to evaluate the best methods to achieve results, including considering both professional- and pharmaceutical-grade skin care offerings. She uses the entire pharmaceutical-grade line of Atache, and attends classes at the International Dermal Institute, as well as various other seminars and courses offered throughout the industry.

Trends that she’s seeing at her own skin care center include microdermabrasion coupled with a facial program including vitamin C or retinol. No-needle Botox, she says, is also becoming popular. Her method: “I provide microphototherapy before Botox; or microdermabrasion, microphototherapy and then Botox for the best results, so it’s a topical.”

She also says it’s her duty as an esthetician to help clients sort through the plethora of skin care product offerings in a crowded marketplace. “It can be overwhelming. I can see why clients make bad choices,” says Tripp, who focuses on using only cohesive product lines. Her reasoning: “I believe in a system. So if something goes wrong, you know exactly how to pinpoint it. If you just use a hodgepodge of things, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what could have caused the problem.”

Aside from science, life is about balance to Tripp, and she uses this philosophy both in and out of the treatment room. “You have to set the tone for your business. Whatever you do, the people with you will do it, and the clients will do it,” she says.