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Corrine Passage Bernin Passes Away

Posted: May 18, 2012
Corrine Passage Bernin

With great sadness, Pivot Point International, Inc. announces today the passing of Corrine Passage Bernin, 50, the only daughter of Pivot Point founder Leo Passage, who passed May 11, 2012.

Bernin, who served Pivot Point as senior vice president, production and systems development until her death, spent her entire professional career with company.

“Corrine was fresh out of college when she joined us in the publishing department,” says Pivot Point vice president of education & research, Judy Rambert. “She earned her hairdressing license as a teenager, and with a new journalism degree, Corrine was a perfect fit for our editorial team. When we needed a fresh critique, we could count on Corrine. Her honest, straight forward approach remained an important gift throughout Corrine's career.”

Bernin's business strengths grew along with the company. She led Pivot Point’s initiative of documenting systems and procedures, enabling functions of the business to continually improve.

Married in 1991 to John Bernin, CEO of FrameOne Productions and PassionDrive Productions, also of Evanston, Corrine was the mother of two children, Jack, 15 and Jessica, 10.