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Spa Owner Focuses on Customer Service and Professionalism

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: March 30, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Carrie Griffin

Carrie Griffin

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She credits certain customer service tactics as resulting in very happy clientele, including keeping notes after each visit to pick up where your conversation left off; sending articles about conditions to clients who suffer from them; and providing affordable giveaways when bulk purchases are made. Above all, says Griffin, do not ignore your most important asset—your repeat clients. “I try to service my repeat clients a bit more. I ask myself how I can make a facial different for a client who has been coming in for five years. I make a conscious effort to do this,” she says. Griffin uses CBI private label products in her spa and sells skin care products at her location, but she admits that retail isn’t a large focus for her.

With a constant eye on customer service, Griffin also suggests entrepreneurs become computer literate in order to save money on marketing by keeping it in-house and staying up on skin care education. She also mentions the need to be familiar with television infomercials about cosmetics and skin care in order to have a knowledgeable response to client questions. And, she emphasizes the importance of showing excitement when clients arrive. “People look forward to their spa day and therapist demeanors often don’t match their clients’,” she says.

As Griffin considers the future, she has aspirations of becoming an author and writing a book about the importance of customer service and professionalism that would be applicable to all industries, not just the skin care industry. She also mulls over the possibility of creating a product, or even a product line. Hiring employees is also something that may take place in her future. “As I get older, I would still be able to have my business, and work smarter, not harder, because eventually your body gives out. I would be able to set myself up to stay in the industry and manage my space,” she explains.

According to Griffin, “There’s never a point in skin care in which you’ve learned everything. There’s always a new study, new ingredients,new techniques. For me, it will never be mundane.” And it is with this attitude that her business—and her clients—will continue to flourish for years to come.