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Former Legal Professional Tips the Scales of Justice

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: August 29, 2011, from the September 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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B. Griffin

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“I couldn’t afford her, and then she contacted me saying she was doing advanced training for her business and asked if I would participate with her. It was complimentary,” shares Griffin. This relationship proved to be a life-changing one, allowing her to expand her own personal growth.

“The most important lesson the business coach taught me is to quit projecting my beliefs on other people and let them be who they are. They either want what I offer or they don’t,” she says. “This way of thinking lets me be more open, more accepting and not fearful and judging ... it lets me be open to all the opportunities available.”

This openness has translated into steady success for Griffin, who uses Jan Marini Skin Research and Vivant Pharmaceuticals in her skin care business, which is an intimate, private experience in a part of her home. Only just now feeling the effects of the economy, Griffin is fighting it head-on by holding her second annual thank-you event, focusing on education and selling retail products to new and existing clients. In her facility, Griffin’s retail-to-treatment ratio is 40/60%, and she credits her own belief in the product for this success. “Retail was slow for me; it was a learning curve and now I’m very comfortable with it. I believe in my products and know they make a difference. You have to start using your products and be passionate about them,” she advises.

Never one to close her eyes to opportunity, Griffin looks forward to the end of the economic downturn to forge ahead on her new evolution. “I’ve finally found my niche, my next adventure ... I want to open an acne clinic, rent commercial space and have employees,” she says. With a cool head for business, Griffin plans on building her acne clientele at Faces Plus, and then making the leap when the economy improves. “There’s nothing more rewarding than when you clear someone’s skin,” she says, and with this as her focus, Griffin will surely have a rewarding future ahead of her.