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Larimar Spa Opens in Aruba

Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino unveiled its Larimar Spa, a 13,000-square-foot facility that features a full menu of services in nine separate treatment rooms. 800-333-3333


Australia Launches New Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign

The Australian government has launched an advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness among teenagers of the dangers of skin cancer.

A graphic series of TV ads shows that overexposure to the sun can cause skin cancer in people of all ages.

Australia's chief medical officer, John Horvath, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation many teenagers are unaware of the facts about skin cancer and they are too young to remember earlier public education campaigns.

"You have to get the message out there again and dispel some of the myths that, 'if you don't get sunburned you'll be all right,' or that a suntan or an olive skin protects you. None of those things are true," Horvath said.

United Press International, November 19, 2006


Eve Taylor Products to Receive Portuguese Distribution

The company has signed a distribution agreement for the professional and retail aromatherapy products in Portugal with one of the country’s largest established skin care distributors. 800-461-3745,


Silver Rain Spa Opens on Grand Cayman Island

Silver Rain, a La Prairie Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands, boasts 20,000 square feet, 17 treatment rooms, a couples room called Two if by Sea and a VIP Room called Private Cove. 345-943-9000


Cornelia Day Resort Welcomed Chiva-Som Therapists

Cornelia Day Resort in New York welcomed two Chiva-Som therapists from Hua Hin, Thailand, for a special promotional week in which clients could experience authentic Thai massages. 866-663-1700


Skin Inc. Magazine Remembers 9/11

Five years ago today, the World Trade Center in New York was attacked by terrorists, causing the structure's devestation, and the city's and country's plummet into despair and fear. The spa industry was affected, as were most industries in New York and the United States. Although healing has commenced and the country has come a long way with recovery efforts, it is important to remember that day.

In Skin Inc. magazine's December 2001 issue, Lois Hince contributed an ABBIES award-winning article on the experience of our industry during that tumultuous time. Click here to read that article, "Trilogy," in memory of all those touched by this tragedy.


Eczema Rates Stabilizing in U.K.

Rates of eczema and hay fever in the United Kingdom appear to have stabilized, after charting a steady rise over recent decades.

However, the study also found that rates of systemic allergic reactions -- including the severe condition known as anaphylaxis -- have surged in the past 20 years.

The researchers analyzed data gathered from numerous sources: national surveys, primary care doctors, prescription and hospital admission records, and death records.

Over the past three decades, diagnoses of allergic rhinitis and eczema in children have tripled, but there appears to have been a recent decrease in the prevalence of symptoms. Hospital admissions for eczema have stabilized since 1995, the researchers found, while admissions for allergic rhinitis have decreased to about 40 percent of their 1990 levels.

Between 1971 and 1991, the number of consultations with family doctors about hay fever increased by 260 percent and by 150 percent for eczema. However, these rates have stabilized in the past 10 years, the study said.

Hospital admissions for anaphylaxis have soared by 700 percent, for food allergy by 500 percent, and for the skin allergy urticaria by 100 percent.

Prescriptions for all types of allergies have increased since 1991.

The researchers said that some of the trends could be related to changes in medical practice and care but could also be explained by changes in the sources of allergic disease.

The study was published in the current issue of Thorax.

HealthDay News, September 7, 2006


Australian Spa Numbers Grow 129%

Intelligent Spas has released a comprehensive report on the Australian spa industry, identifying spa numbers have grown 129% since 2002. Achieving an unprecedented 64% response rate, this third survey of spa facilities conducted in Australia by Intelligent Spas, provides a valuable tool for businesses competing in, or supporting the spa industry, to more accurately develop and plan spa-related products, services, campaigns and initiatives. The report, entitled Spa Industry Profile Australia 2002-2007, features over 1,000 quantitative statistics on the Australian spa market as well as supporting qualitative trends and observations from spa owners and

Some key industry totals and averages extracted from the report include:

·         Intelligent Spas identified 503 spa facilities located in Australia.

·         The average indoor area of spa facilities in Australia was 237 square metres.

·         52% of the total spa space was allocated to treatment rooms.

·         Spas contained six treatment rooms on average.

·         65% of spas that provided a relaxation room stated it was gender-shared, compared to 7% that provided both separate and shared rooms and 4% that offered separate rooms.

·         Baths with water and/or air jets were provided by 58% of respondents.

·         One hour body wraps were priced from $110 on average.

·         Herbal tea was the most common complimentary food or beverage item provided by spas, with 92% offering it to visitors.

·         The increase in male spa visitors was the most common, current industry trend with 29% of respondents making this observation.

·         Spa owners and managers noticed clients’ expectations of the spa experience were rising.

·         The majority of spas predicted increases in spa visits and revenue during 2006 and 2007. managers.


Beauty Salon Listings Drop 42% in Post-Katrina New Orleans

According to the Associated Press, the New Orleans telephone book recently came out post-Hurricane Katrina, and the "Beauty Salon" listings in the Yellow Pages declined 42% from 541 individual businesses to 316.


Natural Cosmetics Booming in France

Natural cosmetic sales are booming in France, increasing 40% in 2005, according to Organic Monitor, a business research and consulting company. Due to growing awareness of chemicals in products, consumers are shying away from traditional staples and opting for natural toiletries, makeup and hair care. A new study by Organic Monitor shows that sales are continuing to rise in 2006. In addition, with more than 1,700 choices on the market, organic products account for about one-fourth of all natural cosmetic sales.