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Intelligent Spas Offers Facts on the Dubai Market

Posted: July 16, 2009

Spa research company Intelligent Spas has released a report on the spa market in Dubai, indicating its strengths and weaknesses.

Intelligent Spas’ second Spa Benchmark Report on the Dubai spa market presents extensive business intelligence and financial statistics, including breakdowns of key performance indicators by day spas, hotel spas and resort spas. The new research found more than 60 spas are currently operating in Dubai and generating revenue of approximately $87 million.

Other key findings include:

Industry outlook

“Overall, the Dubai spa market is experiencing reduced demand, which is greatly affecting revenue. These updates provide a clear view on current market conditions and the short to medium term outlook. There are significant differences in the performance of day spas, hotel spas and resort spas, and this detailed research is a valuable tool for those currently operating in, or planning to enter the Dubai spa market” stated Julie Garrow, managing director of independent research company Intelligent Spas.