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Small Business Owners' Guide to the Election

By: Kent Hoover, Bizjournals
Posted: October 17, 2008

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Both McCain and Obama talk about the role innovation and entrepreneurs can play in developing alternative sources of energy, but neither offers specifics on what that means for small businesses, Hauge said.

They also are not addressing the significant contribution small businesses can make by becoming more energy-efficient, he said, noting that small businesses consume about half the energy used for commercial purposes, and about 30 percent of the energy they use is wasted.

The presidential candidates have said nothing about programs that would help small businesses use less energy, such as on-bill financing, which would allow small businesses to pay for energy efficiency improvements through their monthly electric bills, Hauge said.

Both candidates support legislation to cap carbon emissions and create a system for trading carbon credits, although Obama's timetable is more aggressive.

Even though now might not be the ideal time to impose such a potentially costly mandate on the economy, the nation may be running out of time to combat global warming, Hauge said.