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Asian Traditions Meet Tomorrow

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: June 26, 2008, from the July 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
shirodhara treatment

Soothing treatment and talented therapists help the Mandarin Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong provide its guests with a unique, revitalizing spa experience each and every visit.

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Recommended for muscular discomfort after long travel, as well as physical exertion and sprains, the Choorna Swedam features an herbal poultice bundle containing a blend of proprietary herbs. Two therapists work simultaneously, rubbing the body with ayurvedic oils, and the bundle is then used to release muscle tension with a pounding motion, encouraging the healing oils to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Oils are also placed on the seven charkas to aid balance and detoxification. I noticed immediately after the Choorna Swedam a skin irritation and rash that had been persisting on my shoulder completely disappeared.

Then, from the tradition of the Choorna Swedam, we switched gears into the completely modern modality of the Radiance Facial. Also ideal for travel-weary complexions, this rejuvenating treatment incorporates alpha hydroxy acids for a gentle peeling effect, and the exfoliant and other active ingredients decongest and balance uneven skin tone.

The therapists who worked with Coty and I were not only proficient in technique and service, they also provided us with in-depth education. They explained every step of each treatment—what it was, what it did and what we could expect to feel. This was especially welcomed by first-timer Coty, who was never left guessing on questions such as how long something would be left on the skin or whether or not a product should be stinging.

The education didn’t stop there, either. The Mandarin Spa offers guests a wide variety of products for the body, face and home designed to “replicate the fabrics, scents, tastes and sounds of The Mandarin Spa and continue your personal journey to harmony in the privacy of your home.” For the first time at a destination resort, my therapist did a brilliant job of educating me about the products used in my treatments. She explained why she used each one, how it benefited my skin and concluded by saying, “You can get these products downstairs to maintain the benefits of what we did today.” In addition to the unparalleled luxury of the Mandarin Spa experience, we left feeling enlightened and equipped to continue the work—and pleasure—we had begun in this world-class facility.

Finally, there was a truly tangible takeaway worth mentioning here, as well: Upon checking out, each spa guest receives a Mandarin Spa amenity kit. The men’s kit contains shaving cream, a shaving brush, toothpaste, a toothbrush and hand moisturizer, all in a beautiful pouch sporting the Mandarin logo—an affordable and highly effective way to brand your spa business.

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