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Spa Industry in U.K. Sees Growth

Posted: June 25, 2008

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The sector has also seen an increase in demand during the last 12 months. The estimated number of spa treatments purchased in the last year has increased by 4% to 6.35 million treatments per annum.

In recent years, more men have shown an interest in, and become consumers of, spa treatments. The research findings confirm this trend. U.K. spa operators estimate that their client bases comprise 76% female and 24% male clients. Interestingly, operators recognize that some male consumers still feel uncomfortable in a spa environment.

Spa consultant Berni Hawkins states, “The public has more knowledge of spas than ever before, but many still question their value for money. Operators must therefore stop selling the features of spas and concentrate on the benefits they offer if they are to attract more users. By customizing service and employing a strong consultation process, operators can increase their knowledge of the guest and offer truly prescriptive treatments and services. As a result, guests experience real value and spa becomes more of a lifestyle choice. For the industry, it means more guests, more revenue and more growth.”

There are now 420 operational spas in the United Kingdom with five or more treatment rooms. A further four spas are temporarily closed for refurbishment, and there are 4,814 therapists are employed throughout the spa industry. This represents an increase of some 243 therapists since April 2007 to manage the increasing demand at U.K. spas.

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