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Research Company Builds Personal Care and Grooming Panel

Posted: June 17, 2008

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Television advertisements 1
Family/relatives 2
Friends/acquaintances/co-workers 3
Magazines 4
Store circulars 5
Web sites 6
Medical professionals 7
Hair stylists 8
Books or articles (not in magazines) 9
Sales staff 10

Television advertisements 4
Family/relatives 3
Friends/acquaintances/co-workers 2
Magazines 1
Store circulars 6
Websites 5
Medical professionals 8
Hair stylists 7
Books or articles 10
Sales staff 9

The research highlights a wide variance in brand preferences by gender for specific types of beauty products. For example, a top shampoo brand for men ranks seventh for women. Men are much more likely to choose a supermarket shampoo brand, a trend repeated across categories within the research, including facial skin care, hand and body care lotions, and other hair care products.

Chart 2: Which brands of shampoo have you used in the last 6 months?
(US) Shampoo brands (ranked)

Suave 1
Head & Shoulders 2
Pantene 3
Herbal Essences 4
Garnier Fructis 5
Dove 6
Supermarket Brand 7