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Research Company Builds Personal Care and Grooming Panel

Lightspeed Research, a global online market research company, has launched a Personal Care and Grooming Panel to profile respondents for personal care, toiletries and consumer goods manufacturers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The panel gives clients access to nearly 100,000 online consumers, deeply profiled on their purchasing behavior of personal care products, toiletries and cosmetics. In the United States alone, detailed information is available on more than 70,000 online panelists for each type of product, including the average monthly amount spend and brand preferences.

The panel was designed to help consumer goods and toiletries manufacturers identify and select the most appropriate panelists for their surveys, ensuring they spend their budgets researching only the most relevant consumers. Data collected from the panel shows interesting similarities and differences between consumers, highlighting why this information is vital for marketers and advertisers aiming to reach them. For example, women are more likely to get their information about personal care products from magazines, TV advertisements, friends and work colleagues whereas men are more influenced by television advertisements and their families, but are less likely to be influenced by magazines, friends and acquaintances. Women are also more likely to buy a personal care product based on the recommendation of a shop assistant or their hair stylists.

Following are examples of studies conducted by the panel:

Chart 1: Where do you get most of your information about personal care products?
(US) Personal Care Information Sources (ranked)

Television advertisements 1
Family/relatives 2
Friends/acquaintances/co-workers 3
Magazines 4
Store circulars 5
Web sites 6
Medical professionals 7
Hair stylists 8
Books or articles (not in magazines) 9
Sales staff 10

Television advertisements 4
Family/relatives 3
Friends/acquaintances/co-workers 2
Magazines 1
Store circulars 6
Websites 5
Medical professionals 8
Hair stylists 7
Books or articles 10
Sales staff 9

The research highlights a wide variance in brand preferences by gender for specific types of beauty products. For example, a top shampoo brand for men ranks seventh for women. Men are much more likely to choose a supermarket shampoo brand, a trend repeated across categories within the research, including facial skin care, hand and body care lotions, and other hair care products.

Chart 2: Which brands of shampoo have you used in the last 6 months?
(US) Shampoo brands (ranked)

Suave 1
Head & Shoulders 2
Pantene 3
Herbal Essences 4
Garnier Fructis 5
Dove 6
Supermarket Brand 7

Pantene 1
Suave 2
Garnier Fructis 3
Dove 4
Herbal Essences 5
Clairol Herbal Essences 6
Head & Shoulders 7

The group intends to extend this panel into new countries across the globe over the next few months. For more information, visit




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